Tuesday, May 4, 2010


For those of you who know me best, you know that my second favorite thing to do next to cooking is crafts. This year for Mother's Day, I decided to let my son make something that he can give to his Grandmother's as a keepsake. GARDEN STONES. I got this idea when my neighbor showed me the ones that her Grandkids made her last year. These are easy to make, and very inexpensive. Here is a list of the things you will need:

Aluminum pie/cake pans
Quick set Cement (the smooth kind, not the one with the rocks in it)
craft beads
Glass accent gems (those little glass things you put in fish tanks or clear flower vases)
Your child's hand
Anything else you can think of to decorate your stone(rocks, shells, buttons, etc.)

Grease your pie/cake pans with crisco.(this makes it easier to get them out, so don't forget this step!) Mix cement according to bag directions. Smooth out prepared cement in pie/cake pans. Have your child press his hand into the cement, pressing firmly to get a good print. Then use your craft beads, accent gems, rocks, etc. to decorate around the print. Be creative, and have fun with it! For older children, you can let them decorate it themselves.(with proper adult supervision of course!)

**I bought most of my decorations at Dollar Tree. The Accent Gems were only $1 a bag!

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